What We Do

We truely believe that you can use your daily cuppa to improve your wellbeing, so we aim to inspire you to Pause and reconnect over a steaming (or iced!) cup of plant based goodness.  Our Loose Leaf Teas and Latte Blends are chosen to nourish & support your health goals and needs.  Browse our shop to find your perfect cuppa.

Loose Leaf Teas

We have a range of Favourites that we are sure will become yours too, and are great everyday drinks.  You can choose from black, green and herbal varieties.  For those trying to tune in we have also created a range of Teas With Intention which focus on specific health or wellbeing needs.

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Latte Blends

In hand crafting our Latte Blends we get creative using ground teas, roots, spices, herbs and peel that are honest, raw & full of delicious natural goodness.  Light, lean & clean, and completely sugar free.

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All of our latte varieties can be made with any version of your favourite milk, from coconut, almond, dairy to soy.  OR a combination of water & milk for desired consistency.  And yes, even Milk Free – simply add hot water!

So Versatile!  Our Blends are also a great way to add flavour and nutrition to your smoothies, smoothie bowls & even your home made baking.

ALL OUR PRODUCTS CONTAIN NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS OR PRESERVATIVES… just honest natural wholefoods!   Our Teas & Latte Blends are suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians, Paleo and those avoiding Soy, Dairy, Wheat, and Sugar.

ORGANIC WHERE POSSIBLE… we endeavour to source high quality organic ingredients from reputable wholesalers to bring you teas and latte blends that are full of vitality & goodness.

BE NOURISHED…Each of our flavours is considerately blended bringing together not only complimentary flavours, but active ingredients too.   Each time you sip you are giving your body nutrition and nourishment and soothing your soul.  So take the time to PAUSE over your cuppa, BREATHE deeply as you savour the flavours & your moment, and allow yourself to BE calm, content & happy!

Pause, Breathe, Be.

With love, from The Black Kettle Co.