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By bringing together the ancient practises of tea drinking & mindfulness, we can turn an everyday activity into a simple moment that nourishes the body, mind & soul.

Create your very own mindful moment with our handmade selection of Loose Leaf Teas & Latte Blends*.

In our store you will find beautiful mugs, utensils, meditation guides & mindfulness books to help inspire you.  Or create a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

*we use certified organic ingredients

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Tea Meditation

Today life moves so fast and we’re often too busy trying to get it all done. The chaos of our everyday lives masking the real whispers of our soul.

We need a tool to gently remind us to tune in, to reconnect and turn off auto pilot – so we can hear those whispers, experience our true self & develop a reverence for life. A tool we can use every day creating the opportunity feel grateful, happy, calm, content.

Experts tell us that Pausing will help. If we practise Pausing, using meditation techniques to tune into the moment, we can cultivate mindfulness, finding that space & our true self.

All you need now is a reason to Pause – and here it is. Your Black Kettle Co Cuppa and our simple steps to a rejuvenating Tea Meditation.

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Free Tea Meditation Guide with every purchase.

How to Prepare

Latte Blends

Hot Latte

Place one tsp in mug, add 2 Tbsp boiling water, rest, sweeten if desired, then top with steamed or frothed milk & embellish. OR. Gently warm one large tsp with 200ml milk in small pot (per person).  Remove from heat, whisk or froth, then pour into mugs, sweeten if desired & embellish!

Iced Latte

Place one large tsp in a glass with 2 Tbsp boiling water.  Rest, then top with 200ml milk, sweeten if desired, whisk to combine & embellish!

Iced Frappe Latte

Place one large tsp in blender, add 2 Tbsp boiling water.  Rest, then add 200ml milk and ice cubes.  Blitz, then pour into glass, sweeten if desired & embellish!

We recommend using a tea strainer with our “Licorice Love” and “2 Mints & Cacao” Blends.  Full instructions on back of packets.

Loose Leaf Teas

Brewing guides available with each tea type.

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